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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What do I need to become a Qatar 2015 Volunteer?

Previous experience or specialized skills are not a prerequisite to become a Qatar 2015 Volunteer. Whichever the role you will be assigned, you will receive training and support to perform the role. You need to be available to commit to volunteering for at least 7 days.

In what roles can I be involved?

There are a wide range of volunteer roles available. Some will require experience or specific skills and some roles will not; however, all roles require a friendly smile and positive attitude. To find out detailed information about the functional areas you can be involved in, please read further in our functional areas section.

Which locations can I offer my services?

Volunteers will be assigned across all Competition and Non-Competition Venues of the Championship, depending on the role they are assigned to.

Competition Venues:

  • Al Sadd Multipurpose Hall
  • Aspire Dome
  • Lusail Multipurpose Hall
  • Qatar Handball Federation Complex, Duhail

Non-Competition Venues:

  • Hamad International Airport
  • Uniforms and Accreditation Center
  • Official Hotels
  • Main Media Center

When and for how long will my services be required?

The Championship

You will be required to service at least seven (7) shifts during the period (15th January to 1st  February 2015). Please note that each shift is 6-8 hours long. There are various positions that may require more than 7 shifts and may have variable time requirements.

Test Events

You may have the chance to participate in one of the two test events scheduled prior to the Championship. This will be an opportunity for you to get some experience before the actual Championship.

o Super Globe Test Event (7th – 13th September 2014)

o Asian Club League Test Event (29th November to 15th December 2014)

What are the training requirements?

There are 3 types of training that we will be providing:

General Training

General Training will gear you up with useful information about the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship as well as key information about your participation as a volunteer.

Job-Specific Training

During the Job-Specific Training, you will meet your supervisor and will receive important information to prepare you on the duties that are specific to your role.

Venue Training

Venue Training will take place at the venue where you will be working so you can become familiar with the facilities you will be working in and around.

What can I expect as a Qatar 2015 Volunteer?

Volunteering for such a major sporting event is a rewarding and memorable experience. You will have the chance to promote Qatar as a country of sporting excellence and be part of the success of the Championship, all while acquiring valuable experience and skills. Last but not least, you will meet people of diverse backgrounds, make amazing friendships and create memories that you will cherish for life!

As a Qatar 2015 Volunteer, we will provide you with:

  • Training
  • An Official Championship Uniform
  • An Accreditation pass
  • Transportation options to and from the Venues
  • Refreshments and a meal during each shift
  • Insurance coverage during your service in the Venues
  • A Certificate of Participation

Upon completion of the Championship, you will be invited to an Appreciation Event which will allow us to celebrate together the contributions you have made towards a successful Championship.

How can I apply to become a Qatar 2015 Volunteer?

To apply, you should fill in the Official Qatar 2015 Volunteer online registration form (coming soon). You will soon be able to register online at the website

What happens next after I’ve applied online?

We will have a high volume of interest, however, only 1,500 lucky candidates will be selected. If your application is successful, you will be invited, via SMS, to attend an interview at our Volunteers Center. There, we will assess your skills and availability. The outcome of this screening will be via SMS.

Key dates:

  • Volunteers Interviews: July – October 2014
  • Meeting your supervisor to confirm assigned venue and role: July – October 2014
  • Volunteers Training: December 2014 – January 2015
  • Uniform and Accreditation distribution: December 2014 – January 2015
  • Distribution of Shift Schedules: December 2014 – January 2015
  • Participation in the Championship: January – February 2015
  • Provision of Certificate of Participation: February 2015
  • Appreciation Event: February 2015


Functional Areas


Accommodation volunteers will be assisting game visitors, VIPs, athletes and officials with accommodation information. They will be based in the various Official Games Hotels, assisting guests and ensuring they have an enjoyable stay.


Accreditation volunteers assist in the distribution of the accreditation passes to the game clients (VIPs, athletes, officials, media, volunteers, and staff). They will also be performing tasks in the Uniform and Accreditation Center, where they will be checking identification, producing badges and taking photographs when necessary. At the Competition Venues, they will also help resolve any outstanding access issuess.

Airport Services

Airport Services volunteers will meet and greet athletes, officials, delegation members and other guests, assisting them to complete all necessary formalities at Hamad International Airport , during their arrival.

Doping Control

Doping Control volunteers will act as chaperones, notifying athletes of their selection to undergo doping control tests and escorting them to the Doping Control Center.

Media & Broadcasting

Media & Broadcasting volunteers will be assisting media photographers and reporters to efficiently perform their duties in the Competition Venues as well as providing administrative support and customer service in the Main Media Center.


Protocol volunteers will be offering their services at Competition and Non-Competition Venues. Their duties will involve meeting, greeting and escorting of VIPs as well as assisting in the management of the VIP lounges and other VIP designated areas.

Spectator Services

Spectator Services volunteers will assist the spectators with information about the Competition Schedule across the venues, provide directional assistance to various in-house facilities and support with the access control and seating arrangements at the venue.


Transport volunteers will be assisting with the scheduling of arrivals and departures of athletes, officials, delegation members and guests, making sure that their clients are in the right place at the right time. They will also assist with parking management within the venues.


Uniforms volunteers will be assisting the game participants to receive their uniform kits. They will be working in the Uniform & Accreditation Distribution Center and will ensure that all required kits are in stock.


Workforce volunteers will be supporting the staff check-in, at the Competition and Non-Competition Venues. They will be also assisting in the distribution of the meal vouchers and helping implementing workforce policies and procedures. Finally, they will be involved in the Workforce Retention & Recognition program at the venues.


Some Quotes from our Volunteers

“The Games were wonderful, the team, and the venue, even the supervisor made us feel at home” – Noora, 19, Qatari, Student (Accommodation Assistant, Arab Games 2011)

“It’s an experience that I will never forget. I really appreciated the environment I was in and would like to join again and again” – Himyan, 21, Qatari, Student (Catering Assistant, Asian Cup 2011)

“I was new in Qatar so I volunteered to meet new people and network for possible future employment; what I gained from volunteering? I made new friendships and had the chance to learn more about the culture in Qatar” – Alexandra, 34, Greek, Operations & Logistics Manager (Workforce Support Assistant, Arab Games 2011)

“I have gained multiple skills, including insights on team work and the ability to collaborate well with others, as well as taking on responsibilities” – Ali, 19, British, Student (Workforce Support Assistant, Arab Games 2011)

“I have made a lot of friends while volunteering, learnt a lot of skills from diverse assignments and most importantly, had an immense satisfaction for helping the country I live in; I volunteer because I love volunteering for events. It allows me to meet people from diverse backgrounds and to learn new skills” – Srigith, 33, Indian, Technical Assistant (Uniforms Assistant, WIC 2009 & Arab Games 2011)

“I have developed new skills, met people and increased my wisdom; I volunteered since I had some free time. But since, I have volunteered for many events because of the new skills I have developed” — Divya, 28, Indian, Currently Unemployed (Various Sporting Events, Uniforms Assistant)

“Volunteer work gave me the chance to express my love for my country, and to be an ambassador to Qatar” – Mohammed, 22, Qatari, Student (Protocol Assistant, Arab Games 2011)


Contact Information

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