Al Sadd Sports Hall


Designed by: The architect Yasser Al Khalil of James Cubit and Partners
Main Hall Capacity: 7,700 spectators
Main characteristic: The dynamic and oval shape of its exterior look
Total footprint: 16.000 square metres and a built up area of 54.000 square metres
Features: One main and two training grounds, following all guidelines andrecommendations of the IHF
Other uses: Handball, Volleyball, Badminton and Gymnastics ground, Designed to be transformed into an ice hockey ring which fulfills the standards of the IHF

Post event use: Main hall of Al Sadd Club

Did you know that?

Time required for the transformation of the hockey ring to a regular field is 48 hours
It safeguards the complete privacy of the VIPs and the athletes while its design has received a 4 star GSAS rating?